Archive | October, 2013

Save the Artic, Free Greenpeace Activists


Recently, a court within Russia sent a total of 30 individuals which are Greenpeace activists to jail, due to their protesting at an Arctic waters drilling platform. It is noted that the courts did not show any leniency for any one of these individuals.

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What’s Happening In Darfur, Sudan?


Being a Voice for Darfur begins with awareness. Learn about the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan and the presidential candidates’ positions on this important issue.

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Save The Planet Using Solar Energy


With the capacity of those switching to solar energy more than doubling every single year, the question is whether or not it is smart to get into this trend that so many homeowners are facing on a daily basis. This is mostly true for all of those businesses that are offering to add solar panels […]

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STOP Killing Dolphins

Killing dolphins is very inhumane; however the new technique that Japan fishermen are using to kill dolphins is even more inhuman and morally wrong. It is the job of those that care for animals to make sure that these methods of killing dolphins is stopped. Such a beautiful and majestic marine life animal should not […]

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