The activist tool kit provides key information and action plans for distributing and collecting “Add your Voice” postcards. It also includes background information on the Ecology crisis.

While the postcards are the central piece of the “Add your Voice” campaign, the overall strategy also involves national and local media, local advocacy events, time-sensitive grassroots actions and lobbying in worldwide and Congressional districts across the world These coordinated elements will together create significant demand and momentum for action by the next.

Help us get there!

Suggestions for Collecting Postcard Signatures

  1. Gather postcards at events that have already been planned. For example, bring some postcards or a petition to farmers’ markets, parades, or conferences that you are attending
  2. Collect Postcards at Religious Events or Through Religious Organizations. Have friends or volunteers hand out postcards or set up a table.  Ask people return their signed cards in a collection plate or designated return box.
  3. Get your congregation more involved. The Add your voice coalition has created a faith packet that you can use.
  4. Use Social Networking Tools. Send an announcement  to your Facebook or Myspace friends. Or blog about the campaign. Join the coalition’s Facebook cause and invite your friends!

Tools For Your Campaign

Use this badge on your blog or website and link to the site.