STOP Killing Dolphins

Killing dolphins is very inhumane; however the new technique that Japan fishermen are using to kill dolphins is even more inhuman and morally wrong. It is the job of those that care for animals to make sure that these methods of killing dolphins is stopped. Such a beautiful and majestic marine life animal should not be treated this way, and there are some people that will go to extremes to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Especially, after they read this information.

Japans New Method For Killing Dolphins

There are many fishermen located in Japan that have adopted a new method of killing dolphins. However, experts state that the way they are going about this, isn’t any more humane than the methods they had used before.


Before this, dolphins were generally herded into a small cove where the fisherman would use spears and knives to kill them. There were so many dolphins killed here, that the water would turn the color crimson, due to the amount of blood that was lost.

In 2010, there were a few fisherman that had developed a new technique that they thought was more humane than the previous technique. This method involved using a small thin rod to impale right behind the blowholes of these dolphins which would sever their spinal cord causing them to become paralyzed. At least with the first technique, the dolphins were dying much faster.

This Is The Right Way

Since then, many fishermen have reported that this is the right way to be killing the dolphins. From the perspective of animal activists, they feel that killing dolphins should not be allowed either way. It is wrong to take the life of such wonderful marine life.

There are currently many American’s that are fighting this method of killing dolphins, and some that are fighting the death of dolphins all together. This is not a method that would be practiced in the United States. Some feel that the killing of these highly intelligent animals is not right and should never have been done in the first place.

The main reason why they are killing the dolphins in Japan is for their meat. However, some have stated that the levels of mercury in the meat that is harvested is generally very high and unsafe to eat anyways. What they do with this meat is throw it out. This all comes down to them killing animals for reasons they can’t explain. They can’t determine whether the meat is safe or not until they have tested it after they are killed.

There are some cases in which dolphins have actually helped to save those human lives that are in distress. The way that we repay these animals is by killing them off. This seems completely inhuman and does not make sense. For some, they feel that the dolphins should not be helping out the lives of those humans that are willing to hunt them down and kill them. Maybe in the future people will realize how wrong it is to inhumanely kill these animals, after what they have done for us.

How do you can help?

You can donate on Save Japa Dolphins

Dolphin Project


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